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Public Education

The Council Bluffs Fire Department's Public Education Office is an extension of the Fire Prevention Bureau. It was created years ago by a handful of dedicated firefighters who understood the impact education could have on actual fire prevention. Since its inception, the Public Education Office has always looked for new and exciting ways to inform the citizens of Council Bluffs and surrounding areas of the importance of how to react in an emergency situation and more importantly, how to prevent them.

It is the goal of the Public Education Office to reduce the incidence and severity of accidents/injuries in both the home and work place, through education and awareness.

The Public Education Office offers a variety of programs catering to all age groups free of charge. We have worked with the Council Bluffs, Lewis Central, and St. Albert's school systems. We continue to do presentations with the Boy/Girl Scouts, Day Cares, Churches and Church groups, Senior Centers and Senior Housing, Pre-Schools, Neighborhood groups and many more.

The programs we offer range from interactive robots teaching young children not to play with matches, to helpful hints for Seniors on how to avoid trips and falls. We visit many of the businesses in the Council Bluffs area to instruct workers on the proper use of fire extinguishers. A 32' trailer known as the Safety House is used to teach children not only fire safety tips, but also the proper steps to take in order to escape a house fire. We also host approximately 20 Hydrant Parties every summer throughout the City.

The Public Education Office offers classes through its Juvenile Fire-Starter Program that educates children experiencing too much curiosity with fire and fire starting. Classes are on an individual basis and are geared to deter children from continued fire play.

If you have any questions regarding Public education or would like to schedule an event, please email the Public Education Officer at or call 712-328-4671.

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